A question I have asked myself recently.

In 2016, I read the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo and decided to declutter and organise my apartment applying Marie’s methods. I held every item I owned, and if it didn’t spark joy, then I would let it go. After two days, I had decluttered and organised my apartment, and I thought I would never need to do this again. I was wrong. It’s now 2018, and sitting comfortably in my armchair is a bag of items that I need to take to charity. Why hadn’t I discarded these things back in 2016? The answer is that what sparked joy in 2016 no longer sparks joy now. The reason these items no longer spark joy is that my values, goals, and lifestyle have changed. And, over the last 12 months, I have continued to discard stuff that no longer aligns with these changes. For example, last year, I became a vegetarian, so I let go of my steak knives. I also wanted to have fewer distractions in my life, so I said goodbye to my television. These were some of the things I would have never considered discarding back in 2016 as they added value then but don’t now; hence, they needed to go.

I have learned that decluttering my apartment or any other space will never be a one time process. While I never see myself needing to do a major declutter as I did back in 2016, I will continue to discard stuff as a result of changes I make to my life. Holding on to things I no longer need acts as a burden, as I waste time and energy on cleaning, organising, and maintaining items that serve no purpose to my life. By only surrounding myself with the things that add value I gain more; more time, more focus, more calmness, more simplicity. That small bag sitting in my armchair is not a reflection of a failed decluttering attempt back in 2016; instead, it’s a reflection of growth, of being able to make changes and live a more valued focused life; being willing to let go of things that no longer support my values. And it symbolises the ability to focus on the present rather than holding on to the past.

Your home needs to align with your values, goals, and lifestyle. Your environment should not act as a roadblock to your future growth and success; it should support it. Take the time now to look at your space and ask yourself is it helping me to create a life that I value and if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to change it by decluttering and organising your home to suit your lifestyle.