I take my lunch to work for two reasons:

1. I save money – I have estimated that I save about $2,300 a year by making my lunch rather than buying it.

2. I eat healthy – preparing my lunch ensures I eat healthily and avoid the temptation of unhealthy take-away food.

My ability to maintain this habit depends on preparing my lunch in the evening rather than in the morning. The reason for this is I have limited time in the morning, and if I have slept in or am running late, I will most likely skip making my lunch, as I know I can buy it. Making my lunch in the evening means all I have to do in the morning is put my lunch in my bag and I am on my way – a huge morning time saver.

Preparing your lunch in the evening can be made easier by using leftovers. When cooking dinner, cook a little extra food that can be used as lunch the next day. Alternatively, you can meal prep, which involves preparing a bulk amount of food that you can divide into smaller meals which are frozen (if necessary) and taken as lunch when required. If you use these methods, ensure you follow the appropriate food safety guidelines, as some meals may have specific storage and reheating requirements.

If you do require a packed lunch, consider preparing it before going to bed. Waking up to a prepared meal will make your morning routine efficient, as all you will need to do is grab it and pack it, and you are on your way.

This is blog six of my short blog series called Things I Organise Before Going to Bed. Keep an eye out tomorrow for blog number seven in the series.