It was 7 am, and all I wanted was my coffee. But my stovetop espresso maker was sitting in the kitchen sink, unwashed and surrounded by dirty dishes from last night’s dinner. Also, there were all sorts of random kitchen items on my bench. This mess, this chaos was preventing me from having my morning coffee and starting my day. The sun had barely risen, and I was already in a bad mood–not an ideal way to start the day. I could have avoided all this negativity if I just spent some time tidying up my kitchen before going to bed.

Now, I make it a habit to clean and tidy my kitchen before going to bed. This simple habit ensures that I can wake up and start my day without wasting time cleaning up yesterday’s mess. More importantly, it guarantees that I commence my day in a positive mood rather than a negative one.

To make this process easier, I put things away once I have finished using them rather than leaving them on the kitchen bench. I wash, dry, and put dishes away as I cook, resulting in fewer dishes to wash after dinner. Before going to sleep, I spend some time scanning the kitchen, ensuring everything is put away, and doing a final wipe-down of the kitchen bench.

Developing the habit of cleaning and tidying your kitchen before going to bed can help to ensure your morning routine runs smoothly. You can start your day without having to deal with the mess of yesterday. And you will wake up and experience the calmness that comes with an organised space.

This is blog one of my short blog series called Things I Organise Before Going to Bed. Keep an eye out tomorrow for blog number two in the series.