Kind words from my clients.

I wanted to say that working with you has been really beneficial for me. I feel like it’s the beginning of a transformation for me, and I feel like I may be able to move forward in life. Being stuck in clutter and stuck in horrible housing has been literally sucking the life out of me. A little while ago, I wrote a journal entry about how my home felt like a tomb, and I was dying slowly in it. Being stuck and unable to see a way out is one of the worst things a person can feel. I knew I needed help to find a way out, so I am deeply grateful to have found you because the wrong help increases the darkness, whereas the right help creates light. So thank you for clearing the way for some light to cut through the darkness. This may be what professional organising is really all about – to me anyway – helping a person out of their individual darkness; it’s so much more than just throwing out stuff! 


The benefits of professional organisation services from Creating Positive Spaces are too many to list in a short review. What I can say is that the business name is spot on: I lived in a dark, negative space and now my space is light & positive. The service is holistic, respectful, compassionate & valuable. In my struggle with trauma & ADHD challenges, Joey has helped me find & implement an effective range of solutions for an organised home & life. He is always willing to listen & find the systems that work for you as an individual. I am deeply grateful for Creative Positive Spaces & I highly recommend this service to everyone.


Thank you so much for the One Note for beginners Workshop you hosted. I was so inspired! I’ve started to declutter my current note process and I’m very excited to feel so organised and streamlined. You showed me a clean and clear way of using One Note that thoroughly suits my needs and requirements. I encourage everyone to attend this workshop! Thank you again!


Before meeting Joey for the support and help he offers, my life with day to day chores/organising and living space was in total chaos. After the first sessions it started to come together now life is so much better.