Paperwork Organising

Organising solutions that work for you.

Do You Need to Get Your Paperwork in Order?

While we may live in a digital era, hardcopy paperwork is still among us. And for many people, it can be a challenge to keep it organised.  

Does this sound like you?

  • You are struggling to get your paperwork in order.
  • You have piles of paperwork on your desk, dining table and even the floor.
  • You cannot locate scripts, medical records, and other essential documents.
  • You are sick of wasting time looking for the papers you needed yesterday.
  • You are unsure what documents to keep and what to discard.

The Solution

The good news! I can help you to get your paperwork organised. I work with you to understand your paperwork challenges and establish paperwork systems that work for you.

My paperwork organising solutions can involve

  • Identifying ways to stop paperwork from coming into your home
  • Exploring what paperwork you can discard and what you should retain
  • Working with you to create new paperwork filing systems
  • Establishing workflows to ensure you keep on top of your paperwork
  • Exploring whether transitioning to digital systems is right for you

All organising solutions are tailored to you, meet your needs, and are designed to be sustained long-term.

The Benefits

By establishing paperwork systems, you will

  • Gain more control over your documents
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by paperwork
  • Have no more piles of paperwork scattered around the house
  • Stop wasting time looking for documents

Why Joey?

I’ve held corporate positions where I have been responsible for managing business documents. I understand the challenges of managing vast amounts of documentation and have experience developing systems to organise papers to ensure they are accessible when needed.