Improving people’s life and well-being through simplified living.

I’m a Melbourne-based professional organiser specialising in
organising homes, paperwork, and digital content.

Creating Positive Spaces

Is it time to create your positive space?

  • Are you out of love with your home?
  • Are you struggling to find what you need?
  • Are you not getting things done?
  • Are you struggling to know where to start?

About Joey

Hello, I’m Joey Camilleri, the founder of Creating Positive Spaces. I founded Creating Positive Spaces on the philosophy that our environment can profoundly impact our health and well-being, just like diet and exercise. Like a bad diet, clutter and disorganisation can harm your well-being as they can cause stress, frustration and overwhelm. I’m here to change that. My focus is to work with clients to transform chaos and disorganisation into functional areas that allow them to live and work in spaces that promote positive well-being, productivity, and value-focused living.    

I create functional spaces, not just homes that look pretty. 

Creating Positive Spaces
Creating Positive Spaces

Supporting you to…

  • Love where you live
  • Eliminate overwhelm and live stress-free
  • Make better use of your time
  • Have the space to focus on your values and goals
  • Gain more control of your space and life
  • Free yourself from clutter and disorganisation
  • Create a home that you love and can enjoy with your family
  • Live a more simplified lifestyle

“Simplify your life to give you the freedom to do what matters.”

Joey Camilleri

Organising Solutions

I work with people from all walks of life to create simplified and functional spaces.

Creating Positive Spaces

Home Organising

I need to create some
order in my home.

Paperwork Organising

I need to establish systems
for managing my paperwork.

Creating Positive Spaces

Chronic Disorganisation

I need help with my Chronic Disorganisation, and I don’t know where to start.

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