Want to save time on cleaning? With spring approaching people often start thinking about spring cleaning. But, wouldn’t you rather be spending more time enjoying the warmer weather than cleaning your home? While most people like living in a spotless home, many don’t enjoy cleaning them. Personally, I don’t want to be spending too much of my free time cleaning and would rather be doing the things I like. So I am going to give you the one tip on how to quickly clean your home. Here it is, declutter your home and start living with less. The less you have, the less you have to clean, maintain and organise, hence saving you time. Below are some areas/items in your home you could consider decluttering to reduce your cleaning time not just for spring but all year around.

Decorative items

Limit decorative items to a few beautiful pieces rather than hundreds of knick knacks. This will reduce the number of things you need to dust. Likewise, cleaning shelving, display cabinets etc. will be easier as you have fewer things to move. Also, homes that have too many ornaments on display can appear, messy, cluttered and disorganised. Having only a few decorative items will not only reduce your cleaning time but will make your home more stylish.

General storage

Limit the content of draws, cupboards, pantries, wardrobes etc. to the stuff you really need. Not only will this make them easier to clean but will make it simpler to find what you need.

Spare rooms / the garage

Spare rooms and garages tend to house high volumes of unused stuff. Having large quantities of stuff in these places often leads to people spending more time cleaning them. Why, because people need to move all this clutter around to clean these spaces. Also, people tend to devote more time to organising these areas with the goal of getting the most out of the space. However, why waste time always arranging stuff that you don’t use? It’s better to get rid of unused items, which will make cleaning and organising these spaces easier.

The second car

While we are in the garage, consider decluttering the second car. Getting rid of the second car may seem a little extreme but seriously, if you don’t use it and can get by with one, then sell it. You will have one less car to wash and maintain, not only will this save you time but will also save you money, on insurance, registration, etc.

Downsize your home

Downsizing your home may seem drastic, but if you can live in a smaller home then do it, even if you have kids. The smaller the home, the less you have to clean and maintain. I have often visited family/ friends who have entertainment rooms, additional dining rooms that are rarely used and are just gathering dust. Like unused items what is the point in cleaning rooms that you never use? Another benefit of downsizing is it may help to reduce your mortgage and energy bills.

Saving time on cleaning is one of the advantages of decluttering and organising your home. The above are just a few areas/ items in your home you can consider decluttering. While cleaning may not be something we like to do it is something we have to do, but it can be made easier by limiting the amount of stuff you have. This spring rather than focusing on spring cleaning maybe it’s time for a spring declutter. If you struggle with decluttering, check out my past blog, or reach out to a professional organiser for support. Let me know how your spring declutter went by posting in the comments section.