Answers to commonly asked questions.
Are there any lock-in contracts?

No. I like to keep things simple. Some clients only need one session, and others may need more. If, after our first session, you want to book another one, great; if one is enough, that’s also great.

Are you a psychologist?

I’m not a psychologist or mental health worker. I have training and experience in working with people living with mental health challenges to declutter and organise; however, I don’t provide counselling or other mental health support. It may be beneficial for some clients to seek mental health support from a suitably qualified mental health provider in conjunction with my professional organising services.

Do you clean?

Creating Positive Spaces is not a cleaning service; we are focused on decluttering and organising spaces. Before I finalise the organisation of a space, I may give it a quick wipe-down to remove any minor dirt or dust, but that is as far as I go when it comes to cleaning.

Do you take unwanted items with you at the end of the session?

With your permission, I would happily take one carload of donations and recycling on your behalf. However, depending on the nature of the items, I may not be able to take everything you decide to discard. If I cannot accept your items, I will assist you in finding other ways to dispose of your unwanted things. 

How long will it take?

How long an organising project will take will depend on several factors, such as the volume of items to sort through, how quickly a client can make decisions and how much a client is willing to do between sessions. After my first session with a client, I can estimate how long a job may take.

Is this the worst you have ever seen?

I’m not here to judge you; I’m here to work with you to achieve your organising goals. Many factors can lead to disorganisation; my role is to understand what is happening in the space and help you to achieve your goals in a non-judgemental manner.

Should I buy storage products before our first session?

Please don’t. Storage products are great, but they don’t always solve every organising problem, and sometimes they may create more clutter. As part of my consultation, I will provide recommendations on storage if required. In most cases, I can use the storage items you already have.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Click here to view my terms of service. If we decide to work together, I will send you a welcome email including my terms and conditions.

What does a decluttering and organising consultation look like?

It will depend, as each organising job and person is different. In most cases, my consultations will look something like this. I will review and assess your current organisational challenges and needs. We will set goals and priorities. Explore potential solutions and then get to work. The work we do during my consultations will depend on the nature of the organising project but may include the following

  • Planning
  • Sorting and decluttering
  • Organising and establishing systems  
  • Exploring storage options
  • Writing charts and procedures
  • Developing strategies to maintain your organisational systems
What is the price?

Click here to view my pricing page.

What should I do before our first session?


Will you make me throw everything out?

No. What you choose to keep and discard is entirely up to you. My job is to assist you with deciding what to keep and what to declutter.