I never thought that I would have to prepare my life and my business for a pandemic. But here we are.

As I watch the world go into a health crisis, seeing businesses closing and people going into lockdown, it is very anxiety-provoking and overwhelming. When the government started implementing new physical distance restrictions, it was then it hit me my usual way of life was changing. Cafes and stores I loved to visit had to shut their doors. Catching up with friends and going to the gym was no longer an option. It was challenging to go through, and last week, I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed. I struggled to know what to do next with life and my business during this time. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

It was during this time that I remembered one of my favourite quotes the serenity challenge.

Develop the courage to solve those problems that can be solved, the serenity to accept those problems that can’t be solved, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It evoked that pandemic or no pandemic, life is going to throw things at me that I have no control over and I need to accept that. And more importantly, I need to focus on the things I can control.

I’m now in my second week of social distancing, and I’ve accepted where the world is at right now, and my normal way of life has changed. I’m now focusing on the things I can control, like:

  • Keeping my physical distance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Maintaining social connection by calling people and using video conference (a challenge for an introvert).
  • Reviewing and applying for Government financial support during this time.
  • Exploring new ways of doing things and creating new normals. Here are some of them:
  • With gyms now closed, I have started to do exercise at home following instructors on YouTube. I have even set myself a weight loss challenge during the lockdown.
  • I’ve started doing organising sessions online. Thank you to all my clients, who are happy to explore this option.
  • Taking the time to play and to explore. To tackle the things I have wanted to do but haven’t. Some of the things I will be exploring are:
  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Developing a business newsletters
  • Generating some new business offering
  • Launching my ADHD service (here is a sneak peek – Organising for ADHD)

Investigating new possibilities can be scary but also exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the outcomes will be.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has/is changing our lives, and there will be more challenging times ahead and a rollercoaster of emotions. I look at this crisis as a moment to explore new normals, new routines, new ideas and new ways of doing things. And maybe these new ways might actually be better than the old ways that we were so used to doing and never questioned until a virus said stop!

There are many things I look forward to doing again once the pandemic is over, like sitting in a cafe writing blogs, wandering through South Melbourne market, watching a movie at the cinemas while loudly eating popcorn and catching up with friends in person. But for now, we must ride out the coronavirus storm, but I look forward to the blue skies at the end.

For now, take care, be safe and stay home.

Joey Camilleri

Professional Organiser

Creating Positive Spaces

Melbourne, Australia


0401 149 185

Cover Photo by Jeff Ma on Unsplash