How are your New Year’s resolutions going for 2020?

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I have done well with achieving them. In 2017 I became a vegetarian, in 2018, a vegan and last year I decided to stop drinking soft drink. Am I now living a perfect vegan/ soft drink free lifestyle?


I have made mistakes, in fact, last week I was out for a drink with friends when I ordered a Vodak and lemonade when it dawned on me that lemonade is a soft drink, so I will need to rethink my alcoholic beverage of choice. But overall, for the last three years, I’ve had a good track record with New Year’s resolutions.

Towards the end of last year, I started to ponder what my 2020 resolution would be.

I was stuck.

But, then I reflected, that I do set personal and business goals throughout the year and do well at achieving them (the important ones at least). And I concluded that setting New Year’s resolutions was redundant in my life. After all, why wait 12 months to make changes in my life when I can make a change any time of year. So I opted not to bother with New Year’s resolutions any more and continue with ongoing goal setting throughout the year.

But then!

I came across a blog by Wendy Hanes from Skeletons in the Closet, and Hoarding Homes Solutions who in 2019 opted out of setting a resolution for 2019 and alternatively chose a word to focus her year on. The word Wendy chose was BRAVE. The word/ meaning of brave, guided and influenced Wendy in 2019.

And guess what?

Wendy achieved a lot by living according to the word BRAVE. You can read more about Wendy’s 2019 achievements in her blog: The Year I Got Brave.


I have decided to do something different and take a leaf out of Wendy’s book and use a word to influence and shape my 2020. I will live by this word in 2020 in conjunction with my ongoing goal setting.

My chosen word is HEALTH.

Why health?

Last year saw me make some changes in my life, all of which were great, but at the same time, I felt I was losing control of my health in the process. So I want to make sure both my physical and mental health stays at the forefront in 2020. After all, we are nothing without our health. Good health allows me to do the things I value and work towards achieving my goals.

The lesson!

Don’t wait for a new year to set goals and set habits; change can take place any time of year. And if there is something, you want to achieve, consider using a word to get you closer to achieving that goal. For example, if you want to lose some weight, HEALTH might also be the word for you or if you’re going to get on top of your finances BALANCE might be the right word.

What is your 2020 word going to be?

I will touch base with you all at the end of 2020 to see how the word health shaped my year. If you do decide to choose a word to live by in 2020 let me know in the comments.

Happy New Decade!!!